Tuesday, April 04, 2006

el movie da Ya gama3a to7fa bgd..7war rheb ...w senryo to7fa...w tamsel 3abkry..Cinma Bgad y3ny..beside eno asasn true story...by7ky 3n Irish people (monadlen) aganist England..i will not tell u ditals y3ny but el film feh 2 things so important in our life...and also hard to do...El27`tear el sa7(right choice)
w el Erada...showet shabab fe el movie da ele hma asasn true people,,y3lmo agd3 monadel y3ny eah erada..spesialy BoBBy Sands ell mat fe sbel emano be mabd2o...lma emtn3 3n el t3am l7d mamat 3shan el british mosh nfzo kol talabato....(kolaha) y3ny kano nfzo mnha 7agat.....and 5 mn shabab tanya died fe el emtna3 3n el t3am da ..l2nhom all of them kano masgoneen zolm...w ba2y el shabab da7`l fe Coma...w hea de el erada...ama el a7`tear kan bewagah el Mothers,,,l2nohm fe edhom law mado 3la one paper ..el doctors fe el hospital e2omo be t3`zzet their son ele kant thier story 3rfha el world kolo....ymdo wala y7trmo eradet thier sons..and let them die...fe mothers 3mlt keda w mothers 3mlt the onther thing........da 3`er en fe bo3d ensany raheb fe el movie da w hoa el bermoz leah 2 mothers ll 2 boys fe el segn da...wa7da leha fe el sysa w btshag3 her son 3shan ebnha el2walany el gnod el britsh 2tloh....w eltanya mosh leha fe elsysa lkn m3 a7das el movie betdtr enha ekon leha feha w be2tna3.....mosh ha3rf a7ky ya gam3a u must see it i swear

.......Movie Song.....
Some mother’s son lies in a fieldSomeone has killed some mother’s son todayHead blown up by some soldier’s gunWhile all the mothers stand and waitSome mother’s son ain’t coming home todaySome mothers son ain’t got no graveTwo soldiers fighting in a trenchOne soldier glances up to see the sunAnd dreams of games he played when he was youngAnd then his friend calls out his nameIt stops his dream and as he turns his headA second later he is deadSome mother’s son lies in a fieldBack home they put his picture in a frameBut all dead soldiers look the sameWhile all the parents stand and waitTo meet their children coming home from schoolSome mother’s son is lying deadSomewhere someone is cryingSomeone is trying to be so braveBut still the world keeps turningThough all the children have gone awaySome mother’s son lies in a fieldBut in his mother’s eyes he looks the sameAs on the day he went awayThey put his picture on the wallThey put flowers in the picture frameSome mothers memory remains

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