Thursday, January 01, 2009

The One Where Ross Is Fine

طبعاً صعب يكون حد بيتفرج على مسلسل "فريندز" و مبقاش مجنون بيه
انا عن نفسي مدمنة مش مجنونة
بقالي فترة طويلة بتفرج عليه للمرة ال"كتير أوي"
أكتر حلقة ممكن اكون اتفرجت عليها 3 مرات ورا بعض مثلا هي الحلقة دي

و ده احلى مشهد بحبه فيها

حد فاكره

[Scene: Joey and Rachel's apartment. The scene starts where we took off in the last episode with Ross seeing Joey and Rachel kissing. Rosss tares at them.]

Joey: Okay, Ross, I realise that you didn't expect to walk in and see that, but.. Let me explain, okay?

Rachel: We weren't doing anything!

Joey: Rach, he just saw us.

Rachel: Shhh.

Joey: But what you saw, that is the extent of it, okay? One kiss.

Rachel: No, come on, that is a lie. We also kissed in Barbados.

Joey (to Rachel): Dude, chill! (to Ross) Okay, we also kissed in Barbados, but we didn't plan it, okay? And the only reason that that happened was because I saw you kissing Charlie.

Rachel: Yeah, you started it! I've got to chill.

Joey: Look, we probably should have talked to you about this before it ever happened, but..

Rachel: We feel so terrible about this, Ross.

Joey: Yeah, but it did happen, so...

(Ross looks shocked and says nothing.)

Joey: Ross?

Rachel: Ross? (to Joey) Can we just close the door?


this episode Written by: Sherry Bilsing-Graham & Ellen Plummer& Directed by: Ben Weiss


we2am said...

can we just close the door??

and you know the rest ;))))

shimaa said...

u mean 7ad 7afzo :D

fakra fe nfs el7al2a ama 3yet w 2lhom "it must be da pressure of entartainment :)"

yes yes yes :D

nour said...

على فكرة انا كنت لسه بتفرج على الحلقه دى
مع ان روس منطقش اصلا فى المشهد بس كان اكتر واحد مركزه معاه
و طبعا الحلقه اللى بعدها لما عملهم الفاهيتاااااااا
وحشتينى يا مزة

Prometheus said...

heey i thought i am the biggst fan of friends,, but i wouldnot have patience to do such efforts u did,, its great work,, by the way, that szene was great,, but used to like all szenes of disappoint caused between ross and genifer Aniston

مييم said...

معلش "هدلو بدلوي في الموضوع" انا مدمن لفريندز برضة بس في راي احلى حلقة هي اللي "جوي" اكتشف فيه ان "تشاندلر" و "مونيكا" بيحبوا بعض